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Our Mission

FASI is a non-profit organizational representative payee group, bonded and licensed in the state of Idaho.

We provide Representative payee services to recipients of Social Security benefits who are physically and/or mentally unable to manage their benefits, or those who have been court ordered to have another party manage their funds.

FASI coordinates with Beneficiary, Case Managers, shelter home operators, parents/guardians, and family members to help manage Beneficiary’s’ finances successfully.

Fiduciary bank accounts are set up for every client individually. We do NOT hold a beneficiary’s funds in a collective account. This allows us to manage day-to-day needs and conduct comprehensive reports easily and accurately.

FASI follows guidelines set by the Social Security Administration for the standards and practices of managing Beneficiary’s funds.

FASI is provides services to the Eastern Idaho community, as well as other Social Security Beneficiaries throughout the state of Idaho when needed.

FASI is always willing to accept new clients.

FASI History

FASI (Financial Advocates of Southeast Idaho) started in 1999. This program developed after learning that some Rehabilitative Health Services clients needed assistance managing their finances. Toni Hunt built the foundation to what is now the FASI program. She is now the Board President and Executive Director of FASI. In 2005, Social Security approached FASI and asked that they take on some Beneficiaries in need of assistance, to help manage their finances. Currently FASI works with the Department of Health and Welfare and their Developmental Disability Crisis Team and Act Team, the Mental Health Court, and multiple other agencies serving over 200 clients. FASI has also expanded their services to the Veteran’s Affairs program (VA). In 2011, FASI became a nonprofit organization, and in 2014 they changed their name from Financial Services for Independence to Financial Advocates of Southeast Idaho, Inc.

Toni Hunt has been the lead representative payee since 1999. As the company grew, she led a small team consisting of Neil Bingham, Faith Bingham and Itzia Garcia. In 2017 FASI brought on Taiya Reams and Miranda Armenta. That same year Neil retired and Itzia was promoted to representative payee. In 2019 Itzia changed careers and Taiya and Faith were promoted to representative payee. In 2019 FASI was granted the State Contract with the DD Crisis Team from the Dept. of Health and Welfare. In 2021 Miranda changed careers and in 2022 Brandy Perez joined the FASI team as lead receptionist.

Toni describes FASI as a program that does not take away financial rights, but helps individuals develop organizational skills and learn to make a comprehensive budget that is easily followed. FASI is designed to help clients feel comfortable with their finances and support independence. Toni believes that “Finances are a big indicator of how someone is doing mentally.” If your finances are not being monitored then it can become difficult to afford necessities such as medication or other basic needs. This in return can impede progress and recovery. When your finances are managed and budgeted adequately “It helps to alleviate a big downward spiral.”

Think Like a Proton, Always Positive

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