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FASI in a non-profit organizational representative payee group.

We provide payee services to recipients of Social Security benefits who are physically and/or mentally unable to manage their funds.

Costs include payee fees to receive services, office supplies, including internet, IT services, finance software, printer, and checks. Other costs include rent, utilities, and payroll.

Non profit – #46-2812393

Serving the State of Idaho, Located in Ammon, ID

FASI strives to keep their payee fee as low as possible, yet high enough to maintain the financial integrity of the corporation. FASI maintains limited hours for their employees and monitors all supplies and costs in order to serve as many clients/beneficiaries as they can.

Donations and grants are used to either:

  • Reduce payee fees
  • Assist clients
  • Maintain the financial integrity of FASI by paying wages
  • Paying rent
  • Paying utilities

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