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Toni Hunt

About Toni

Toni Hunt started working as a representative payee in 1999 with Rehabilitative Health Services. When the demand of individuals in the community needing payee services exceeded the availability of payees providing services to the community, Social Security Administration approached Toni about establishing a non-profit that would enable her to have the ability to provide services to any individual needing assistance. Financial Services for Independence Inc was founded, which was later changed to Financial Advocates of Southeast Idaho Inc.

Toni truly enjoys meeting and helping members of the community in need of assistance, and helping them learn skills to enable them to manage their own finances in the future. She has loved being a payee and program director for the past 25 years.

Toni has four children with her husband DeVere. They are the joy of her life, and her favorite thing is spending time with all of them. She also loves getting to travel with her husband and seeing new parts of the world.

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